Welcome 2015/16 – Creative Media Production

First things first you need to organise your page and add categories. Categories are to the left of the page. Your category names are Unit 1 Preproduction Techniques, Unit 2 Communication Skills, Unit 16 Editing Film and Video Techniques, Unit 29 Music Video Production.

All work and assignments will be categorised on your blog and will tick off different learning outcomes within the Unit’s we study.

The course is an AS/A2 equivalent and you will receive UCAS points for the grades you receive. BTEC LEVEL 3 is graded using Pass, Merit and Distinction. P, M and D are similar to the conventional (A,B,C,D,E) that you are used to. Distinction* is also possible.

There are up to four assessments for each UNIT. Usually ‘Showing you understand’‘Preparing using your understanding’ and ‘Applying the skills you’ve learnt’ sometimes you will also need to ‘Review’ your work.

Luckily though everything you do is related to your main practical unit which is UNIT 29 Music Video Production.